Crafty Cocktails: Classic Frozen Margarita

When I think of beach, first thing that comes to my mind is Margaritas, FROZEN MARGARITAS!!! Any beach holiday is margarita time for me. Its perfect blend of sweet and sour/ tangy and lots of ice and alcohol (of course!) I always wanted to master the recipe for frozen margaritas as its a bit tricky, too much churn and you end up with watery cocktail, too little churn and the drink is just ice. I took me a while but I’ve now understood exactly how much ice and blending gives me my perfect Margaritas!!

You can also try other cocktails like Rosemary infused Mai Tai, Strawberry Margaritas, Raspberry Margarita, Grapefruit Margarita etc.

Note: My cocktails are normally heavy with 7 to 9 cl of total alcohol, if you want lighter ones adjust the quantity of alcohol in same ratio and mixer according to your taste



  • Premium Quality Tequila: 6 cl
  • Triple Sec: 3 cl
  • Lime Syrup: 6 cl
  • Ice


  • Lime slice: 2 (1 to rim glass and 1 to garnish)
  • Salt


  • Take a margarita glass. Rub a slice of lime around the rim and dip in salt plate (Tip: Try using sugar in place of salt and see the difference!)
  • In a blender, add tequila, triple sec, lime syrup and ice and blend till you get a icy, thick and slushy texture.
  • Pour in the glass and garnish with a slice of lime.
  • serve immediately.

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