Quarantini | A drink that you can drink alone |

Quarantini: A drink you can drink alone! Aka. Need of the hour!

This might sound weird but at times we do feel like shutting the world out and relax and sip in favorite drink that makes rest of the world fade slowly. In current self-quarantine days, thanks to pandemic COVID-19, lots of us are forced to stay alone. As it is believed a drink is enjoyed the best with your friends or loved ones but given the current scenario, that feels like a distant dream. But that doesn’t mean we can not enjoy a nice of glass of our favorite drink.

Here’s a list of drinks you can easily whip at home and enjoy even alone. We all dread to get out there and lot our hairs down with our gangs but till that’s a reality lets embrace social distancing and indulge in “Quarantini”

  1. Apple Martini:

Very few ingredients, simple shaken method, this drink is made to be relished alone!

2. Classic Frozen Margarita:

This is MY personal favorite drink these days since we start social distancing. It simply takes me back to my beach and sunset memories. If you want to try any variations of Margarita, click here.

3. Espresso Martini:

Can’t choose between coffee or vodka? well, you don’t have to. Just mix the two! Try it out, I guarantee you’ll make it a morning drink.

4. Irish Coffee:

Another option to replace morning coffee with! Simple cocktail with coffee, cream and Irish whiskey.

Try these out and let me know your favorite one. Also share your go-to drinks this quarantine time!

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  1. Sybaritica says:

    Quarantini … somebody *had* to do it eventually 🙂


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