Crafty Cocktails: Rosemary infused Mai Tai

Giving a classic cocktail an herbal twist, presenting: Rosemary infused Mai-Tai .

Mai Tai is a rum based Polynesian styled cocktail, traditionally flavored with orange liqueur and lime juice. Giving it a slight twist, in this recipe, we use freshly squeezed orange juice (avoid using packed ones, preservatives and added flavors in packed juices spoil the sophistication of the taste.

I am using Dark rum in this cocktail (most matured and aged), you can use white or gold or mix of two. For orange liqueur, I am using Triple-sec. Sweetness of triple sec and fresh juice is enough for the concoction. Portion of alcohol is on higher side in my cocktails (a total of approx 7 to 9 cl in every drink), if you wish to make it lighter on alcohol, you can reduce the quantity.

Here we are adding a secret ingredient: Almond syrup/ almond extract which takes the taste to another level. And finally we will infused the mixture with smoked rosemary to add smoky and herb flavor to it. These two flavors mix perfectly to compliment each other, giving it a regal touch.



  • Dark Rum: 6cl
  • Triple Sec: 2cl
  • Orange juice: 2 cl
  • Almond extract: a dash
  • Rosemary twigs: 1+1(to garnish)
  • Cherry: 1 (to garnish)
  • ice


  • Mix orange juice and a dash of almond extract.
  • In separate mixing glass, take rosemary twig and muddle a little. add rum, triple sec, orange juice, ice and shake it well.
  • In an old fashioned glass, put ice and pour the mixture. Place the glass in a bigger tray. Take a rosemary twig and burn it on fire. when it starts to burn and give smoky fragrance, place it next to cocktail and cover the tray with a big lid. Leave it for 1 minute or so to allow the smoky aroma to infuse in the mixture.
  • Discard the burnt twig.
  • Garnish with fresh rosemary and cherry.
  • Serve chilled.

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