5 Breakfast Jars you can whip in less than 2 minutes

Health and nutrition comes in Jar!

Solving biggest question of every weekday morning, I bring for you easiest overnight muesli jars!

In the rush hours of mornings no one usually has time to think about, cook and actually sit and eat breakfasts. Which means most of the people either skip the most important meal of the day or end up eating junk from road side like burger, vada-pav or cookies or milkshakes (with heaps of sugar and plain empty calories) and end up giving their day an unhealthy start.

Such stuff not only fill you with empty calorie but eventually makes you lethargic and less productive. As mentioned in an article published in livestong.com “Refined flour, used in fast food hamburger buns, pancakes, bagels and breakfast biscuits, is made up of simple carbohydrates. These carbohydrates quickly convert into glucose in your digestive system, and this glucose is rapidly released into your bloodstream. The resulting glucose spike may cause a brief energy burst; however, any energy spike derived from consuming refined flour is typically followed by fatigue.”

(link to the article: https://www.livestrong.com/article/440794-fatigue-after-eating-fast-food/)

To avoid that, here’ s a list of healthy recipes which you can whip in less than 2 mins and can take with you in your tiny bag and eat at work place or while commuting if you don’t have enough time to sit and enjoy breakfast. So, no more excuses accepted for missing the most important and essential meal of the day.

  1. Muesli-Yogurt Jars/ Oats, nuts and Chia overnight jars : This is the most simple version of all the recipes to follow. You need least number of ingredients here for getting a strong head start for a power packed day.
Basic muesli overnight jars

2. Oats-chocolate almond overnight jar: Who said health can be delicious? This 2 min quick fix is just the right solve for every chocolate lover. Ditch those chocolate donuts and say yes to this deliciously nutritious breakfast.

chocolate oats jar with almond slivers

3. Oats, cinnamon and apple breakfast jar: In traditional apple pie flavor, this one is sure to fix your sweet tooth craving in morning itself!

4. Oats Mango and coconut breakfast jar: A tropical twist with sweetness of fresh mangoes!

Mango-coconut granola

5. Very berry breakfast jar: Filled with anti oxidants from everyone’s favorite berries.

Mixed berry jars

Let me know which one of these did you try and which is your favorite. Feel free to add your version of recipes in comments!

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