Muesli Yogurt Jar

muesli yogurt jar

This is one is the simplest version of this recipe with minimum number of ingredients (it’s still full of nutrients and taste, don’t worry!)

It simply consists of mixed oats, mixed nuts of choice and preference, mixed seeds, protein powder (optional) and yogurt. Simply layer everything in a clean jar and leave it to soak in overnight in fridge. Next morning, sprinkle some crunchy nuts or granola on top of it and dig in right away.

If you forgot to fix this the previous night, worry not, you can still mix it in the morning and let it sit for around 20-30 mins for oats, seeds to soak in dig in!

It takes less than 2 mins literally to assemble and you’re done for a kick start next day. I’ve been making this breakfast from quite some time now and have tried lots of various versions and flavors like peanut butter-jam, apple-cinnamon, mango-coconut, very berry depending on time of the year and availability. I’ll be sharing all these recipes here soon but I decided to start with basic and simplest version to which you can simply add your favorite healthy add ons and you are good to go!

I use high fat homemade yogurt or greek yogurt (store brought, non sweet), if you wish to choose dairy free, vegan options, replace it with soy milk, almond milk, soy yogurt, coconut milk or any other vegan milk/ yogurt option. Try to use sugar-free ones as you don’t want your day high on sugar and end up having sugar cravings through out the day.


  • Yogurt: 3 tbsp
  • Oats (instant/rolled): 2 tbsp
  • almond milk: 1 tbsp
  • chia seeds: 1/2 tbsp
  • Protein powder: 1/2 scoop or as desired (optional)
  • Seed mix (pumpkinseeds, flax seeds, etc): 1 tsp (optional )
  • mixed nuts: 2 tsp (optional)


  • Simply layer everything in a jar, close the lid and let it sit in fridge overnight.
  • Take it out next morning, sprinkle some cut fruits, nuts or granola over for some crunch and dig in!!

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