9 Types of people during COVID-19

As COVID pandemic continues to keep everyone locked in, everyone is figuring some or other mechanism to cope up with the boredom and abundance of time they are suddenly left with. Since, people cannot go out of their nests, they are getting more and more creative in putting that time to use. While there are some of us who are still trying to figure out the need to be productive in current scenario (guilty as charged!), a big lot of population is experiencing a sudden boom in their creativity levels!!

Thanks to social distancing and self-quarantine, people are not hesitating in trying new things while being in isolation. From getting back to long lost hobbies to trying new ones, from learning something new to restarting old lost interests, people are ready to try their hands on everything.

You can notice these different changes in different types of person and can see the different type of personality it brings out in them. Based on these new/ hidden personalities that has come out in everyone during COVID times, I’ve classify them in following categories (feel free to add your observations in comments):

1.Lockdown MasterChef: No doubt, majority of the population will fall in this category. From biryani to pizza, from Italian to Mediterranean, shutting down of restaurants has ignited and brought to surface hidden MasterChef in lots of us (at least we believe so!)

2.Bootlegger: Well not illegal, par se, but a big lot of people have a small sized grocery store in their pantry these days. Ask for anything, from milk, bread, eggs to truffles, French caviar and foie gras, they’ll have it in their pantry/deep freeze.

3.Viral Challenges: From saree challenge to #desigirl, from Dalgona coffee to jalebi trend, they are willing to participate it everything possible on internet.

4,Home Workout fitness freaks: Ill be honest, I’m jealous of you guys. In the times when most of us can’t find a real motivation to get out of the couch to make 2-minute noodles, you guys are getting creative with rice bags and bean cans!

5.Virtual Policy makers on every WhatsApp group: We all can admit there are at-least 3-4 members in our WhatsApp groups who spam the group with 187 new messages every hour and keep admin on his toes. If it were for them, they would have compiled couple of books on Policies during Corona Virus just using their text exchanges.

6.Self-proclaimed doctors/economists/ philosophers: While this is an unprecedented event and no one really knows how and what changes will this bring to the world economic situation and humanity as whole, you keep hearing all the predictions by society wale uncle ji and WhatsApp wale phuphaji or jijaji telling you about “NASA confirmed” theories how the virus was a conspiracy that slipped out of hand or how Indian Vedas has its cure since ages and almost make you drop sesame oil in nostrils to make the virus run away on toes keeping its nostrils closed tight!

7.Home School advocates: Being a lazy and not-so-hands-on Mom, I could never understand the parents who get excited for their kids to stay home. Judge me all, but my kids are currently learning all about different animals from “My Little Pony” (I didn’t know myself there can be so many different types of ponies itself!), Geography by mapping “Ahtohallan from Frozen 2” (I am really good at it too!) not to forget spoken English in professional British accent from Peppa pig! Hats Off to you parents, you are true survivors of the day.

8.Tik Tok-ers: You guys are best search of present crisis. I truly admire your creativity and more importantly enthusiasm to keep going. (It does sound like a call for an award, doesn’t it?)

9.Finding alternate career paths: We all will be qualified in one or other alternate professional skill by the time the crisis fades away be it in hair cutting, waxing, baking, home cleaning etc. So, watch out barbers, bakers, chefs, parlor wali didi and more importantly kaam wali bai, your profession is in danger.

Which of these have you met and which categories do you fall in? Can you make any addition to this list? Feel free to share your view in comments below.

Disclaimer: Everyone has his/ her own way of coping with current stressful situation. What works for one may or may not work for someone else. The idea of author here is not to judge anyone or make fun of anyone’s choices but to have a little laugh and share some lighter moments in tough and taxing times.

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  1. Garima khatri says:

    Ha ha ha,this blog makes me laugh,almost all points are true.

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  2. Haha…that’s all so true! I think I fall in almost all the categories

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kamlesh mathur says:

    Very true!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. parineethaa says:

    Hahaha…so nice.. jus we were thinking of one more addition as “Day dreamers”…who keep thinking – once flights start which vacation to do, once everything is normal, would do so n so…etc etc .. 😊🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Megala says:

    Nice compilation! Enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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