Apple Martini: Crafty Cocktails

One of the classiest yet easiest cocktails : Martini!

It is also one of the simplest recipe to add your favorite flavor and twist. But don’t be fooled by simple recipe, its taste is one the most sophisticated and delicate. Basic martini consists of gin with a dash of vermouth shaken with ice and poured in chilled glass and served with pickled olive or onion.

For a dirty martini, you just to need to add a splash of olive juice in the mix and serve with as many olives as can fit on the skewer!

I’ve also tried Cherry martini (my favorite so far!), in which you can add cherry juice or even better, cherry liqueur in place of olive juice and serve with a cherry and a smile 🙂

Here, we talk about Apple Martini, one of the most popular versions of martini across bars. There are various slightly different variations of apple martini, the most popular one uses apple vodka, vermouth and apple juice. Another variation uses apple schnapps to add apple flavor and green color. You can also use gin in place of vodka although that is not a very popular substitute in Apple Martini also known as Appletini.



  • Apple Vodka: 6 cl
  • Vermouth: 1 cl
  • Apple juice: 2 cl
  • Ice


  • Chill the glass with either putting martini glass in freezer for few minutes or by putting lots of ice the glass for sometime
  • In a shaker, pour all the ingredients, add ice and shake for good 2 mins so the drink completely chilly and frosty.
  • Pour the drink in chilled glass and serve with a slice of apple on rim.

Also, you can add some spice and flavor to the drink by add a dash of cinnamon or clove. Try adding smoky touch to it by garnishing the drink with smoked apple slice and it would take the drink to another level.

Do you share your version of apple martini recipe. Cheers!

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  1. Gaurav Mathur says:

    Lovely refreshing cocktail!


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