Irish Coffee | Coffee and Whiskey cocktail

Irish coffee

It’s one of the most popular warm and sweet cocktails which is served piping hot more popular during St. Patrick’s day.

Main ingredients of irish coffee as name says is coffee/espresso, Irish whiskey, sugar topped with whipped cream. It is always recommended to heat the glass mug/ serve ware. For doing that, pour boiling hot water in serving glass, leave it for few minutes and throw away the water. Don’t try warming in microwave as it may crack the glass if heated empty.

Prepare hot espresso fresh and make sure the sugar added is dissolved before pouring whiskey so that you don’t have to mix and whirl whiskey too much and its aroma remains trapped.

Also, I recommend using brown sugar although you can also use molasses or sugar syrup for variation in flavours and composition of the drink.



  • Hot espresso: 1cup
  • Irish whiskey (Jameson): 6cl
  • Brown sugar: 1 cube
  • Whipped cream: to top
  • Cacao powder/ coffee powder: to garnish


  • Warm up the cup by pouring hot water in it and leave for few minutes. Throw away water after sometime
  • Pour hot espresso in mug till 3/4 fill. Add sugar and mix well.
  • Pour whiskey. Top with heap of whipped cream and garnish with coffee or cocoa powder.
  • Serve hot!

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