Dips and Spreads pairing with Wine

One of the most beautiful sight on a party spread for me is it mixed platter. Variety of breads, cheese, meat and lots of dip and spread to accompany!

I am one of those person who loves making and serving different kinds of dips with lots of different types of breads, crackers etc as I also love to nibble on these with a glass of wine or cocktail. If paired well, it essentially enhance the experience.

Here is a list of few of my dips and spreads recipes listed. I’ve tried to share the perfect drink pairing with some of them too. Again, those are my preferred pairing, you can share yours in comments

1.Salsa/ Tomato onion spicy dip:

It’s one of the easiest and versatile recipe for any platter and also a must have as it goes very well wit hall sorts of bread, nachos, chips, crackers, pretzels etc. Try it with bread while sipping red wine!

2. Pesto Sauce/ Dip:

This one not only add a different note in taste but also add color to the plate. This is a versatile sauce as it can also be used as spread or in pasta other than a dip. I love it on toasted bread along side my Pinot!

3. Tzatziki/ Greek cucumber, dill yogurt dip:

Give this one a try and it will become a staple. I am in love with this spread. It works well with all sorts of breads specially pita and an olive. Pita, tzatziki and Ouzo,sounds perfect!

4. Marinara Sauce/dip:

This another advanced stage tomato onion dip and you can choose between either this or salsa but both are delicious and works well for any party platter. Spread with bread and chorizo a perfect match with full bodied red!

5. Cheese sauce/ white dip:

Super rich and creamy in texture, this dip is definitely a hit every time it finds a place on dinner table. A must try! Nachos/ crisp bread, cheese sauce goes amazingly well with a crisp white!

There are few more dips in my list which will uploaded in due course of time. If you have any thing particular recipe in mind, hit me up and I’ll try to upload a recipe for it.

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  1. Mouth watering dips.


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