Beet, Spinach and Carrot Salad: Anti Oxidant rich Detox Salad


I had a salad similar to this one long back on one of the lunch dates with my friends. I simply loved that how an amazingly delicious salad was created mixing such simple and healthy ingredients. I tried re-creating several times using different combination of various ingredients and dressings and finally this one here was the best of all my experiments! It’s like eating your detox smoothie away😋!

You can serve it as a side dish with any protein main course or simply add the protein of your choice (grilled chicken, paneer, tofu, cheese, chickpea etc.) to it and enjoy it as your lunch. It makes a best Sunday brunch salad in winter!

So here’s the super simple recipe for a super delicious (and healthy ) salad:



Baby Spinach: 1 cup (don’t use the regular spinach with bigger leaves. that tastes slightly bitter if eaten raw. Yup, I tried that too, for you guys 🙂

Beetroot (cooked): 1

Carrot (julienne) : 1/2

Cherry Tomatoes (halved): 1/2 cup (you can use regular firm tomatoes and cut cubes)

Ginger (julienne): 1/2 inch

mint leaves: handful

coriander leaves: handful

pomegranate pearls: 1/2 cup

Walnuts (roughly chopped):  1/4 cup


Yogurt (Greek or hung curd): 2-3 Tbsp

Fresh Pomegranate juice: 2 tbsp

Lime juice: 1 Tbsp (skip if the yogurt is bit sour)

salt & pepper: as per taste


Cook beetroot. You can do that in several ways: in oven or pan or steam it.

I’ve steamed cube sized beetroot for this salad.

Start mixing!

Add spinach in the salad bowl first, followed by beet, carrot julienne, tomatoes, ginger julienne, mint and coriander.

For Dressing: Add yogurt in a bowl or jar. (Make your yogurt is not runny else your your salad will come out watery. ) Now add pomegranate juice, lime juice, salt and pepper. Mix it well and pour desired quantity over the salad.

Give it a slight toss and for final touch add pomegranate pearls and crushed walnuts.

And, we are done!! Just dig in right away!

Tip: Always mix your dressing separately in a bowl or jar instead of pouring directly over salad. This way you can taste the dressing before pouring and fix the flavor as correcting it later would not be easy and also you can pour only the required amount of dressing and save rest for later.

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