Smoked Salmon Sandwich: English High Tea Series


A smoked salmon is one of the must have’s in any English high tea just like the cucumber sandwich. It’s one of the most popular one as well after the cucumber sandwich. It goes well with a cup of green tea or a lighter black tea. It can be also be a good savory partner to a sweet strawberry and mint sandwich.

For this sandwich, I used store bought smoked salmon, if you want, you smoke it at home also. The smokey flavor goes well with smooth cream cheese. Onion and radish gives sandwich little crunch and capers add a dash of sour flavor ( I used pickled capers here).


Here goes the recipe:


Smoked Salmon: 1-2 slice/ pieces

Bread: 2 slice ( use the bread of your choice, I used whole wheat)

Red onion (sliced): 1

Radish (sliced): 1

Capers: 1 Tsp

Cream Cheese: 4 Tbsp

Chives/ cilantro/ watercress: few

Salt: as per taste

Pepper: as per taste


Take cream cheese and add capers, salt and pepper to it. Mix well.

Now take the bread and cut out the corners. Spread cream cheese mixture on it. Place salmon, sliced onion and radish on it. Put some greens of your choice: cilantro/ chives or watercress. Cover it with another slice of bread.

Cut the sandwich in either 2 or 4 parts to be eaten as a finger food and that’s it ! Its ready to grace your fancy high tea platter!!



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