English Afternoon Tea Sandwiches: Cucumber and Dill Sandwich

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I love to indulge myself in an elegant English tea or English Afternoon High tea, as it is more appropriately called. I think the reason I like afternoon tea so much is because I simply love tea (of almost all types, but my favorite are earl grey and french rose with vanilla!). But I also the small bite size nibbles served with the tea which are perfectly paired with tea.

So I decided to make a series of recipe for English afternoon tea set and first one here is Cucumber and dill sandwich, the most common (almost a must have) in every high tea.

updated 2

Here’s the simple and quick recipe for it:


Cucumber (sliced): 1

Spinach: Few leaves (thinly chopped)

Cream Cheese: 4 tbsp

Dill leaves: few

Bread slices: 2 (I used multigrain, you can get white if you like)

Butter: 2 tbsp

Salt: as per taste

Pepper: as per taste


Cut Cucumber into thin slices, apply a pinch of salt and put in a drainer for few minutes. After that put the cucumber slices on kitchen towel for some time to remove excess water. This will help save sandwich from getting soggy quickly.

Take cream cheese and add spinach in it. Mix it well and add salt and pepper to it.

Take bread slices. Cut the crust and apply butter. Now take one slice and apply the cream cheese and spinach mixture on it. Place the cucumber slices on it. Put a few dill leaves on it.


Cover it with other slice and cut it in 2 halves or 4 triangular pieces. size of a piece should be small enough to be held in fingers. Serve it either standing ways so that the filling is visible or put it flat and place a cucumber slice and dill leaf on it (so that you know what’s the filling inside) and hold every thing together with a toothpick.

And, that’s it! it’s ready to be served in your fancy high tea set and paired with lovely English Tea!


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