How to cook quinoa: A super super food!!


Quinoa: originally a north American food, is now popular everywhere in the world for it health benefits. High in protein and fibre, quinoa is essentially a seed from spinach and amaranth family. It is also a great source of calcium and is easy to digest and gluten-free.

Because of its neutral flavor, quinoa can be paired with almost any vegetables and flavors etc and can be a wholesome meal in itself. Though it doesn’t have a very prominent flavor to it, once cooked quinoa has mild nutty taste and slight crunch to it.


It comes in various colors, red, pink, purple, black and mostly popularly used white (actually yellowish). It is small round grain/ seed in shape when raw and becomes slightly transparent and curly once cooked.

As complex quinoa may sound after reading all that, cooking it is very easy. Just one part of quinoa and two parts of water and 10-15 minutes, that’s all you need to cook this simple yet power packed seed. You can also play by replacing water with chicken or vegetable broth to add some more flavor to it.

Here’s the quick recipe:


Quinoa: 1 Cup

Water: 2 Cup

Salt (optional): as per taste


Boil the water and add quinoa to it. Add salt if needed. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes.

Mix it in between with a fork to make your quinoa more fluffy!

That’s it! It’s ready to be added in your salads or ant side dish! One such salad with mixed berries here!


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