English Afternoon Tea Sandwiches :Strawberry and mint Sandwich


In my previous post of the series about Cucumber and Dill Sandwich, I already talked about my love for tea and food pairing. It’s something as interesting as pairing your wine with cheese. Like the delicate tea pairs well with lighter foods like snacks or appetizers and heavier tea pairs better with foods like desserts and chocolates.

To pair my heavy body teas like Earl Grey (which is my personal favorite BTW, after Rose and vanilla!) I made this sweet sandwich with strawberry and honey. You can also add chocolate spread on bread or drizzle some chocolate syrup on top but I skipped that because it may make my sandwich soggy.

So, here’s the recipe for you all:


Bread: 2 Slices (I used white bread, you can pick bread of your choice)

Strawberry (sliced): 3

Mint leaves: few

Cream Cheese: 4 tbsp

Butter: 3 tbsp

Honey: 2 tbsp (or more to make it as sweet as you want! )


Take the bread and cut out the corners. Apply butter.

Apply cream cheese on it. Place the strawberry slices and mint leaves on it and drizzle honey on it.


Cover it with other slice and cut into bite size pieces, either half or 4 triangular parts.

Voila! It’s ready to grace your afternoon high tea party! As I mentioned in my previous post, serve it either standing so the filling is visible or place a strawberry slice and mint leaf on every piece and hold every thing by inserting a toothpick.

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