Quinoa and mixed Berries Salad: Healthy salad with a dash of desi tadka!

quinoa and mixed berry

This is one of the most colorful and flavorful salads I made so far. It’s not just high in nutrition but also is a treat for your eyes. It’s colorful palette and delicious flavor makes it so tempting you would forget you’re eating something healthy!

This super food salad is essentially a great blend of lots of super foods like quinoa, blueberries, strawberries, spinach etc to name a few. Quinoa in itself is an amazing source of fiber and all berries are loaded with anti oxidants.

Quinoa itself doesn’t have a taste and is very bland. I have therefore added some Indian spices in dressing to make it not just flavorful but also more healthy.

So, without much ado, here’s the recipe:


Quinoa (cooked): 1 Cup

Mixed Berries: of your choice (I picked some fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and dried cranberries)

Baby spinach: 1 Cup

Red Onion (sliced): 1

Pistachios: 4-5 (sliced)



Olive oil: 2 tbsp

Lemon juice: 1 tbsp (you can skip this if your berries are a bit sour)

Garlic: 4-5 cloves

Turmeric: 1 pinch

Chili flakes: 1 tbsp (or as per your taste)

Salt: as per taste


Cook Quinoa as per instruction. (If it doesn’t come with or you threw the pack without reading instructions, don’t worry find it here. See, I’ve got your back!)

Take a big bowl and add spinach and cooked quinoa in it.

Now, prepare your dressing

For dressing, take a mortar and pastel and grind garlic in it. As you grind garlic put chili flakes and turmeric and keep grinding. Add salt, lemon juice in it and grind more till it is smooth and everything has mixed properly. Now add olive oil in it to make it smoother.

Add the dressing to quinoa and spinach mix and give it a good toss so that it is coated well on quinoa. Add onions. Now add the berries. I didn’t cut raspberries and blueberries, just the strawberries were sliced. You can slice them all if you want but I suggest don’t cut blueberry because it gives it color and your whole salad may be pinkish in color. Finally add sliced pistachios and mix slightly.

The amazing super food salad is ready!!




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