Nourishing Lemon,Sugar and Honey Body Scrub


This small bottle is a complete spa in itself!! Lemon essential oil in it helps evens skin tone and tightens pore which delays ageing. It is visibly good for matured skin as it helps in healing the skin with Shea butter and coconut oil. Sugar and sea salt are amazing exfoliating agents which removes dead skin and rejuvenates it gently and naturally leaving it soft and supple. Honey in the scrub helps nourishing the skin and it also acts as a preservative hence, increases shelf life of the scrub.

I specially like the super refreshing fragrance of lemon oil. It’s not just de- odorize the body odor but also its citrus-y smell uplifts your mood and charges you instantly.

It can also be used as a foot scrub specially because of its amazingly refreshing aroma which immediately takes away the tiredness of the whole day and leaves fresh!

Here’s the recipe:


Shea Butter: 1tsp

Coconut oil: 1tsp

Honey: 1tsp

Sugar: 6-7 tsp

Sea salt: 2tsp

Lemon essential oil: 15-20drops

Lemon zest of 1 lemon


Take shea butter in a bowl and whisk it till it becomes smooth and light. Add coconut oil and whisk again it oil get mixed properly. To this, add honey, sugar and sea salt and mix well. If the sea salt grains are big in size, crush them to the size of sugar grains otherwise they will be to harsh for your skin. Now add lemon oil and lemon zest and mix well.

Voila!! Your spa in a bottle is ready to pamper and treat your skin!

Disclaimer: Information on this site is general in nature and for informational purpose only. It is meant to substitute any medical advice by a doctor or dermatologist. Every product is the result of author's experiments and trials. Results may vary from person to person. Also, before using any product on your whole body try a sample on your arm or back to check allergies or reactions. Exercise caution while using essential oils. If pregnant or for kids below 7years of age, avoid using essential oils or consult a specialist before use.

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