Zombie Cocktail | Rum based tiki cocktail

Zombie cocktail is a very popular Jamaican/ Peruvian tiki style cocktail.

It’s a rum based cocktail which has different types of rum, fruit liqueurs and fruit extract in it. It’s a real strong cocktail and not for faint of heart, hence named Zombie!

Essentially a zombie cocktail can be made with any combination of fruit juice and liqueur with atleast 2 types of rum, you can add all 3 types of rum (or more) if you have.

Here today I’m adding 2 kinda of rum, light rum and gold rum. Fruit liqueur is orange liqueur and angostra bitters with orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, dash of strawberry juice and splash of grenadine. No wonder, it’s a strong one!



  • Light rum: 30 cl
  • Gold rum: 30 cl
  • Triple sec: 20 cl
  • Angostra bitters: 3 dashes
  • Orange juice: 20 cl
  • Lime juice: 10 cl
  • Lemon juice: 10 cl
  • Strawberry juice: 10 cl
  • Grenadine: a dash
  • Ice


  • Fill a cocktail shaker 1/3 with crushed ice.
  • Add all the ingredients in shaker and mix well
  • In a long colin glass, add crushed ice upto 2/3 glass.
  • Pour the cocktail over it, add a splash of grenadine over and garnish fresh strawberry and lime slice.

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