5 Unique and Different Gift and return favor Ideas for all Occasions

Always scratching your head when thinking of gifts for anyone be it your cousin’s housewarming, your boss’s Diwali or Christmas party or return favor/ thank you gifts for your own big annual house party? I am also not one of those who don’t wish to settle for a bottle of wine or a box of cookies as all time favorite (and convenient gift as I always have lots of bottles of wine in my fridge at any given time).

Every year I put in lots of mind to find that perfect yet unique gift for my husband for his birthday and our anniversary (will share all my research in a separate blog soon!) and for my kids every birthday and Diwali and Christmas, something that they wished for but in a way it gives some message and some learning (will share that research too, promise!)

Here we will talk about general yet special gifts like those for all your close friends and special relatives (like that aunt-in-law that saves you in every social gatherings or that distant cousin who smuggles alcohol in no-poison parties, you get it right!)

To be honest, till few years back my staple gift was also a bottle of wine and a box of cookies, what can go wrong with that? Nothing, fairly but at the same time it doesn’t carry a personal touch which I always prefer in a gift. So I searched lots of local market and internet of course, and came up with some of the simple, easy to collect yet worthy and different gift ideas. Here’s my research for you guys:

1.High tea Kit/ Premium Tea Kit

For that tea connoisseur or a tea loving friend of yours, make a cute basket or a gift box with variety of loose tea leaves or premium quality tea blends (like TWG, Dilmah exceptional, ronnefeldt ) and pair it with delicate shortbread or chocolate. If you live in a tea growing country like I am (Thailand/ India) try to source locally grown tea as they taste best in the region they are grown and can be easily paired with locally available treats.

If you are a tea connoisseur like me, pick the tea you love and appreciate, if not, don’t worry here are some of the best and most popular teas and tea blends: English Afternoon, French Earl grey (try lavender one if you find, simply amazing), Dilmah exceptional Rose with French Vanilla, Japanese Sencha, Longjing Green Tea from China.

Wanna take it a notch higher, gift fine china (locally sourced prefer) with the teas, but please pick the tea cups and saucer and not coffee mugs here.

2. Organic coffee set:

For every tea lover, we have at least 2 coffee person. If you’re not sure about tea kits, a coffee set would be your best option. I would still emphasis on locally grown and available as they are always best suited in the local climate. If not, you can go for Colombian, Brazilian, Ethiopian or Indonesian coffee and pair it with premium chocolate (dark chocolates goes well with coffee). You can add a pretty coffee mug too!

3. Organic dry grains set:

Gift of grains is considered as a sign of prosperity in many cultures. You can choose healthy organic grains like quinoa (plain or colored or mixed), brown rice, purple rice, pearl millet (bajra in hindi). Put them in separate jars or small pouch and pack them in a wooden box and voila! A perfect gift symbolizing prosperity and growth ( and useful too). Don’t forget to put a ribbon on it!

4. Healthy breakfast pack:

Wouldn’t you appreciate if someone sorts out your everyday breakfast menu that too in a healthier way. Then don’t hesitate in doing it for others.. specially loved ones. This one is easier to put together and goes a long way.

Take a mason jar or a seal able jar and put together some of the best cereals and nuts of choice. Try to get a balance of nutrition and taste like here’s one example: put muesli and some cornflakes (to add crunch) and some nuts like almonds and dried coconuts, some seeds like pumpkin or sunflower seeds and some dried fruits like dried strawberries or goji berry (it adds both color and natural sweetness to the whole pack). Pour in jar and tie a wooden spoon with a pretty ribbon. There you go, you already won best hostess tag there! (P.S.: I would again stress on getting the locally available ingredients)

5. Healthy snack kit:

This one’s for your foodie friend like mine! Friends who gift food are always my favorite type 🙂 But festive food doesn’t always mean lots of sugar and doesn’t have to get calorie meter ticking. Assortment of Low calorie brownies, granola bars and energy bites can be a great gift for those who always wish to give something sweet on any occasion.

You can make these yourself (recipes to be shared soon) or source them from local farmer’s market. this way you also earn a good deed by helping a local business!

There you go.. here’s my research about organic gifts shared with you all. Hope it makes your life a little easier. Let me know in comments which one you would like to get and also share your gift ideas too…

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  1. theresaly520 says:

    I haven’t heard of some of the teas you’ve mentioned. Interesting gift ideas for the future. Thank you!


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