6 Best Online Stores for finding an unusual gift

Gifting season is here again and it time we all start doing our research on internet to find the best gift for everyone be it within the family or that goes to friends and relatives. I always try to put in some extra effort in my gifts and have done lots of research in previous years. Here’s the time for me to share this research with you all..

If you are one of those who wish to add a personal touch to every gift, I’ve collected some of my best handmade gifts that you can whip up in no time. Click here to read more about handmade gifts. If you don’t want to do all that whipping, don’t worry, your gifts can still be unique and quirky. Check out some unique gift ideas in link: click here.

And if you’re one of those who don’t have time for making your gifts yourself or doing several trips to local markets, worry not, here’s a list of ONLINE STORES (best part of being millennial!) which can help you there: Best part, all of them are local start up units, so by buying through them you are helping a community and real artists. In this way you too earn your good karma!

NOTE: The online stores mentioned in this blog are based in India and in Bangkok (and deliver worldwide). If you are looking for location any where else, don’t forget to check the delivery charges to your location. As for the products, all are great!! I am NOT affiliated to any store in any way and will NOT receive any part of the purchase, in any form, if you make a purchase with them. These are just my personal favorites which I am sharing here.

1. Skygoodies:

From quirky stationary to D-I-Y Kits for festive lamps, calendars, innovative gift boxes (who wouldn’t love their gifts wrapped in Christmas tree or suitcase or even match boxes!) this store will surely surprise you with its innovative stuff.. Their store is stocked up unusual gift stuff like D-I-Y paper angels (best gift options specially during festive times) , paper butterflies, Christmas ornaments and a lot more. My favorite from this store are the angels, Christmas ornaments and quirky max D-I-Y sewing machine calendars. Deliver worldwide.

2. Brio Art House

Based in Lucknow, India, this Nature-inspired store has lots of hand made, hand painted art-pieces most of them are made of recycled material. They have a lot to offer from linen, home decor to kitchenware and even furniture. Encouraging local artists, they are working towards keeping old art skills alive. One of the best things about hand made pieces is that no two piece is alike. This make every piece a unique creation. Deliver Worldwide.

3. Vasah:

If you’re looking from some statement jewelry as a gift this season, this is your place to go. Based in Chennai, India, this store offers some exclusive, bold and graceful designs in earrings, necklace and nose pins too! All their pieces are hand crafted by local skilled artists.. all the more a reason to go for it! Deliver Worldwide.

4. The TE POT:

Here’s another classy and elegant gift option: premium quality tea sets. This store has some of the best quality imported tea, blended in several unique blends. Each blend comes with clear instructions on how to brew a perfect cup. They also have gift sets options available (as shown in pic above) where you can choose the blend according to your taste and liking and combine it with complimenting tea set or even a skincare blend. If you have any confusions about which tea to pick, the owners are always helping you choose the right blend. Deliver Worldwide.

5. Novessence, Bangkok:

All their products are 100% organic, natural and completely safe to use on most sensitive skins too. They import an extensive range of premium quality products from France. One of the best part of the store is the range of products and skin care solutions they offer: 100% organic ingredients (like vegetable oils of large variety, pure shea butter, natural cleaning gel and lots more), Body care products, essential oils (I simply love their collection!) and cosmetics! The owner, Emily, is always ready to help you choose with smile. You can pick any of these products to custom design your own product. You can even buy vouchers for one the workshops at their store or one of the D-I-Y Kits. Their D-I-Y natural soap and shower gel or D-I-Y natural soy candles make a perfect gift this season. Check their website for more details.

6. Impressions by Parul:

No no.. that’s not me! It’s another talented Parul (I guess, it flows with name 😉 ). A self-taught, self-inspired artist. She has some one of kind products made using different mediums like wood, fabric, candles and even leaves. She has a variety of products to offer like wooden trays and coasters, candles, cushion covers and paintings. Go check out her collection and I assure you would love it too! Deliver Worldwide.