Strawberry and yogurt face pack and scrub


I don’t generally try every other thing on my face as I’m blessed with sensitive facial skin. That’s make choosing a facial scrub is a tough job for me. Anything which is little too coarse is too harsh for my face and since its a bit oily anything too gentle doesn’t give me the satisfaction. But when I tried my strawberry and yogurt pack/ scrub, I knew it was perfect for my skin. It’s not too harsh as grains of strawberry are small and finer. Plus the yogurt not only exfoliates but also moisturize at the same time. I at times try adding little bit sugar for my T-zone for extra scrubbing, but never for my cheeks and fore-head.

So, here’s the simple and easy 2-ingredient recipe: (try not to eat it right away!)


Strawberry (dried or frozen): 1

Yogurt:  1 tsp

Sugar: 1 tsp (optional)


Crush strawberry to paste form. Add yogurt and mix well. Voila! it’s ready to go!

Apply it on your clean face for 15-20mins and scrub it off when dry. Honestly, I’m wearing the same mask as I write this 😉

Wash your face and pat dry gently. Apply moisturizer.

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