Nourishing Lavender and Rose Body Scrub


That’s my go to recipe every time I want to pamper my hard working body. Very easy a quick recipe to make, and a super nourishing recipe to treat yourself to! I also gifted it to couple of my girlfriends (guys can use it too!) and they all loved it! I even make it in small batches for my husband and he loves every time.  The reason this scrub is so hit among everyone is because it scrubs and nourishes your skin at the same time. Sugar and sea salt does their job of scrubbing and removing dead cells. (sea salt also takes out toxins from your body) and shea butter and coconut oil nourishes the fresh skin! What more do you want from a scrub?

So, here’s the recipe of my favorite and the most popular scrub:


Shea butter: 1 tbsp

Coconut Oil: 2 tbsp

Sugar: 4tbsp

Sea salt: 2tbsp

Lavender essential oil: 10-15 drops

Dried lavender flowers

Dried rose flowers


  1. Take shea butter in a bowl and whip it using a whisk.


2. Add coconut oil. You can use any other vegetable oil also like jojoba, sweet almond, apricot oil etc according to your needs and preferences.


3. Whip it, Whip it!! Whip it till oil and butter combines well.


4. Add sugar


5. Add sea salt. If the salt crystals are too big like the one I got, crush them a bit in a pastel-mortar to a grain size before adding. You can see the size of salt grain, its almost same as sugar.


6. Mix it and add essential oil


7. Add dried flowers.


Tip: Crush them right before adding it to your mix.

8. Mix everything and pour it in an air-tight container and it’s ready to use. Else put a pretty ribbon and bow and your best handmade gift is ready!!


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