11 Positive Gift ideas for your loved ones during the times of Quarantine| COVID 19 Time

With COVID-19 continue to keep most of the world indoors, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to stay home specially for those who live alone in other cities away from home.

Even for those living with family or working from home we all miss going out and meeting with friends. Technology has been a big aid these days as we can connect digitally with anyone. Although it does not feel same as sitting on same table, sipping coffee with our friends it still is a big help in connecting people.

Staying indoors or self-quarantined can be very lonely and depressing and all the negative news around does not really help. Even when you’re not sick, staying indoors can still affect your moral and emotional status.

If you know someone who’s sick and is alone, your first instinct would be to go and help them or at least be there with them. Sadly, you can’t do that. But that doesn’t mean you cannot cheer them up and bring some sunshine in their lives.

I’ve put together a list of gifts you can send to your loved ones while maintaining social distancing. You can’t reach your people but your gifts and love still can. Go on, start gifting and spread some positivity!

1.Gift of Music:

Nothing boosts one’s emotional moral faster than good music and what can be a better gift
than gift of music. Send your loved ones a gift card from Spotify and help them enjoy their
favorite tunes for a month.

  1. One Month subscription for favorite online streaming

A savior everyone is relying on these days to kill boredom is online entertainment. Gift your friends a month’s subscription to their choice of online streaming and you can still watch your favorite shows together online.

3.Kindle E-Books:

Best gift for any book worm during current times; all one needs is to get all lost in words and forget about chaos and stress from world outside. Help them by gifting them e-books online on kindle.

  1. Amazon audibles:

For all the book lovers, here’s another gift idea that goes a long way. Plugging in earphones to get all lost in wonderland sounds like a good idea too. Gift your friends or loved ones audio books online and help them sail through the social distancing smoothly.

  1. Printable/ E-doodling:

There are tons of doodles websites these days where you can get printable and downloadable doodles for all sorts of moods and inspiration. From stress-relief, inspiration to everyday motivation, doodles are available in al forms even for kids! Send some to your folks and help them relieve stress.

  1. Subscription to online meditation/ yoga site:

Best remedies in keeping stress levels low are yoga and meditation. Nothing more the mind needs than tool to calm it down and relax. Gift your stressed-out friends a subscription to online meditation or yoga class. You can even register in same class in this way, you and your friends can participate together virtually.

  1. Online Certification/ course:

If your friends or loved ones were thinking of enrolling for a course or you know of any skill that might help them in future, now is the perfect time to start learning. Enroll them on thousands of courses available online (Udemy. Coursera etc.) education-based websites and start learning.

  1. Gift of Food:

No better gift than a gift of food. This should have been no.1 in my list actually, given that I’ve already availed this option. If delivery options are still open in your city or you can still drive around, it will be a great idea to gift your loved ones a handmade meal. If not, order a meal for them and let them enjoy a cooking-free evening.

  1. Online Gaming Subscription:

This is the perfect time to take your online gaming head to another level. You can choose from literally tons of options when it comes to online gaming. Get your jam a playground and burst off the stress.

  1. Gifts for a Family:

For a family with kids, buy month’s plan for one these educational websites or apps or order a month’s grocery to be delivered to their doorsteps.

11. Wine is the answer:

And most importantly, when in doubt, Order wine.

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  1. jlennidorner says:

    Coloring! Fun.

    I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

    Liked by 1 person

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