8 Unsolved Mysteries of Marriage

11 years of marriage teaches you a lot and makes you teach the other person a lot too!

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

You learn to evolve and grow with your partner and slowly discover life and each other. With each passing year you learn something about your darling spouse that you love (and also find out lots other things that you know will have to learn to live with for rest of your lives!!) To see my take on marriage 3 years back, click here.

Yet some of the events and happenings remains unsolved in every marriage like how many cupboards full of dresses exactly does she need to stop saying “I don’t have anything to wear” or why is always there a need to buy a new bed sheet .. or how can a man who can keep track of score every second cannot keep track of his on time?? or how can the most difficult task for him is to inform when he’s running late….. well, the list is endless.

Here’s some of the unsolved mysteries from my 11 years of experience so far..

1. Favorite side of bed

2. Speed of fan or temperature of AC: I’ve always fail to understand how there can be two different thermal zones on one bed ( does that make us a thermo-couple?…. sorry, lame Joke!)

3. Number of pillows and cushions on bed

4. How come all pairs of his socks break-up within 3 months and we are left with lots of “singles”?

5. Idea of date night (please help me on this: how can watching “Sacred Games” together be a perfect date night plan?!)

6. Can the frantic search operations for glasses/ car keys/ wallet or all ever end? (Please tell me the answer is Yes, please please…)

7. Reasons for arguments (Seriously, who needs a reason?)

8. What’s for Dinner? No comments.

Let me know yours’ in comments below!

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