#flashbackfriday Marriage: under my lens

To start with, I dont wear lenses or spectacles, my vision is 6/6 !!

But ironically you need more than just an “ophthalmologist approved” vision (mine is as mentioned above!) to understand this matrimonial phenomenon. To read my latest take on it, click here.

Exactly 3 years back, when we were planning our 8th wedding anniversary, my gift to my husband was this blog dedicated to marriage ( more so because I was not hoping any thing more a cup of tea as Anniversary gift). It turned out he loved this idea, not just that, he even contributed his vision (which by the way is not 6/6) and a few words in it.

So here’s my, sorry “our” take on (and take away from) Marriage: Not for weak hearts and weaker sense of humour!!

Go to the link and let me know your take and take away from Marriage!!

Direct link to article at Momspresso:

“Shaadi Ke Side Effects!!”
Read Here :


As I count my days to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary (+1 year of courtship, total 9 years of togetherness!), I wonder how it started. What expectations we had from each other and from our marriage and what we got. Although it’s very different from expected but is still beautiful. There are lot of things about marriage which nobody can tell you and you only realize once you’re totally into it.
Marriage is not about romantic dates, roses or surprises, it’s about what comes after that. It’s about forgetting the perfect “Karan Johar movies” and loving your “very human” spouse who may even fart in sleep. It’s like giving that one person the right to annoy you for the rest of your life.  You realize you have chosen sarcasm from one person over appreciation from many.
You realize it’s about watching that cricket match with him patiently and constantly curbing the urge to throw that remote on his head for making you watch it. (I guess the only reason I hate cricket now is that my hubby loves it!).
You realize you’re getting used to listening to “I told you so!!” from your wife after every blunder you make.
You realize that instead of waking up like a princess every day, you are finding someone’s underwear and socks every morning.

It’s not about dressing up and looking your best all the time but expecting a compliment even when you’re dressed in your worst.
You realize your definition of love changes over time. Sweet talks and mushy whispers in ears which once symbolized love for me has now changed. If you love me, all you have to do is listen to me when I am saying something (When I say listen, I mean listen, and not just act like listening!!)
Though it appears very sweet, you realize that marriage comes with all flavors sweet, hot, spicy, sour and at times bitter too. And though it sounds very flavorful, its monotonous most of the time. In my husband’s words “Marriage looks like a 20-20 match: full of action and excitement all the time. But you have to play it as a test match. Instead of 4s and 6s on each ball you have to play safe most of the time and duck a lot of times to save your match.” (Now you understand why I hate cricket!!)
It’s about getting used to sleeping in those sweaty smelly arms because they are still the most comfortable place in the world.
It’s also about having that one person who has seen you in your worst, stood with you all the time, tolerated you and your weird habits but still loves you the most.
It’s about believing 100% in one person for all your life (Yes, that one person who can’t find his own underwear).
And finally, it’s not about a happy ending, it’s about a journey which has no end. It’s about accepting the fact that marriage is not a Disney’s fairy tale but is very very real and practical and at times imperfect but still worth every effort.


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